6 steps in having the perfect skincare routine

If you are anything like me and have struggled for so long to find the perfect skincare routine, then you're in luck. It's taken me years to figure out which order each product should go in, until now!

I've got a 6 step plan, where you can finally know which order your skin care routine should be in, and trust me I was surprised to. You also want to have different routines for the day and night. So without further or do these are the steps...


Step 1: Cleanser

Step 2: Toner

Step 3: Moisturiser or a Day Cream

Step 4: Sunscreen


Step 1: Cleanser

Step 2: Toner

Step 3: Spot Treatments

Step 4: Serum

Step 5: Eye Cream

Step 6: Moisturiser or a Night Cream or Face Oil

These are the products that I use:
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