Decorating my Laptop


Firstly, I just want to say sorry for the lack of content during the last couple of weeks, I've had major uni deadlines and trying to write decent blog posts as well as getting my uni work done, has been a struggle. I've only got 1 deadlines left and then i'll be posting much more personal and detailed content, rather than just images, as soon as uni is completed. I've got many posts prepared to write and many ideas written, so please do look out for them.

I did set myself a weekly posting day to set a certain couple of days to posting my blogs but I am struggling to keep to it, so I think for now I will try to post as much as possible and then once I've found a routine i'll set certain days to post. Hope that is okay.

But other than that I hope you enjoy this post, I had a lot of fun decorating my laptop, it literally took me ages to place these onto it, but I'm so happy with the outcome.

Firstly, I laid all the stickers out and seriously, how cute do they all look?! I kinda just sat and looked at them for ages ngl!  I didn't use all the stickers in this photo as some were a little strange, like the alcohol ones but in the end I had to use a couple of them types just to fill the gaps aha. But there was 100 stickers to chose from and straight away I took a fair few aside, to place into a NO pile. These ones then got claimed by my boyfriend who stuck them on his hat for work 🤣

I started off by just placing one over the HP sign, this then gave me a little guidance as to where to place the other ones. At first I just placed them in random locations, so it wasn't so structured. Plus, I didn't want to cover up my favourite stickers from placing them too early or by placing them too close together. So the random placing worked well. I did take my favourite ones out of the big pile and placed them aside so nearer to the end, I could place them on the gaps left last, just so that I could see them clearly and not have overlap them ones too much.

And this is the final result! I'm so happy with how it turned out and now my laptop doesn't look so bland. I felt like I needed some colour and change into my life and then I seen people decorating things with stickers and it gave me the idea to do this and i'm very happy I did it!

I hope you all like the outcome as much as I do, I'm very happy with this.

All pictures are my own taken with my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Buzz ❤

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