Yoga Challenge: Series 1

This post is going to be a little different to my usual, I'm trying to start a new fitness journey and found that Yoga might be my best path, I will be posting updates over the 30 days of the challenge, so if its not quite your cup of tea then I'm sorry and i'll be posting a beauty post soon. But other than that I hope you enjoy and hopefully this might inspire you to start new journeys.
I've come to the conclusion that I'm seriously unfit and need to work out. I've tried the gym but could never get motivated enough to actually go, unless I got forced to. I also suffered with really bad back pains, knee pains, shoulder pains and generally no flexibility at all, this is why Yoga has came to play. Because I'm so achy all the time and struggle with the daily tasks that someone else could do easily (I may as well be a 90 year old) I thought Yoga would be the perfect way to loosen my joints and help me gain some flexibility in myself, basically the goal is to touch my toes without bending my knees.

So, as a result of this daily issue I have, I'm going to be doing a 30 Day Yoga Challenge!

I downloaded a Yoga app called YogaDownload (Free 15 day free trail), which has loads of different Yoga videos on it, starting from beginner to expert. And I thought the best way was to find a good couple of series on that which I can do one video a day.

Day 1:

I took the whole day to actually move and start this first video, as I mainly spent a few hours looking at different apps till I found the best one and then testing the videos to make sure they are good enough for me to actually do them and not get bored. But eventually at like 7pm I moved and set myself up a little Yoga session layout. I don't have a mat yet, so just settled with my carpet and a blanket (the blanket was needed for extra support in the video). 

I did struggle a lot with this video, it was the first one of a series called Yoga 101, I had to stop a few times in order to stop my hands from hurting from holding myself up but I did feel amazing afterwards. Kinda like when you go for a massage and your muscles and joints just feel less tight, that's what I felt like after a yoga class, which makes me excited to see how I'll be after 30 days of yoga.

I will make sure to keep you updated on how the days go. I will probably aim to do an update every 3-5 days and explain how each day has gone. Hopefully as we go along, I'll get better and slowly be able to share how I've been able to do moves better without struggling, and maybe how I'm slowly getting closer to touching my toes 🤣 

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully see you soon at the next update.

Buzz ❤

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