How To gain Instagram Followers Fast


First off, this is a different post for me today but I feel like I've been asked a lot on Instagram, how have I managed to get my Instagram account to 700 followers from 300 followers in just over a week! That's a total of 400 followers in 7 days!

Well kids, lemme tell you how I did it!! 

Step 1: Organise!

1. Bio:

A short to the point Instagram bio is what works best! Having a mess bio doesn't attract people to your profile. As soon as I changed mine from an unorganised one to this one, I noticed a massive difference in my following. Make sure you attach your email to your profile, because then any brands or accounts can contact you regarding working with you. Best bet is to just make sure its laid out well and makes sense. Tells your audience who you are and what you do.

This is my bio:

Buzz Beauty

I Blog about my obsession for beauty
New blog posts every Wednesday
For PR/Collabs: Please DM or Email me 💌

Step 2: Post Consistently!

1. Post More Than Once

I find it best, when at the start and trying to find your audience and vibe, to post more often than once a day. I tend to post 3 times a day at the best time of day for my audience (read below for more on this) but doing this always allowed me to gain new followers each time i posted, using different hashtags regarding each post, and different tags. Doing this really got my followers up. Plus then with stories being consistent as well really helps too.

2. Use Your Insights To Your Advantage:

Your insights will tell you what time of day your followers are active the most on. You can find them when you click onto your Instagram profile and click the 3 lines in the top right, then press audience and go down to the bottom. Allow you to then use this to your advantage, for example, my most popular days on a Wednesday are 3pm, 6pm and 9pm, so I would post one post at each one of them and be super active around those times too.

You can also see on you insights which day everyone is most active, to do this click through each day and see which one has the highest number and the time. Mine is post popular on a Wednesday at 6pm, which is why I post my blog posts at 6pm on a Wednesday, so I can actively post about my blog and be sure it'll be seen.

Step 3: Hashtags!

Make sure to use hashtags such as these below, they're really good hashtags to use! 


Then also with the Follow for a follow ones, people will follow you and you can follow them back, engaging more followers and trusting them to keep following you. And then with the Like for like hashtags, do make sure you like a few of the persons posts, gotta keep to your word.

Step 4: Interact With Other Accounts!

1. Following

The easiest way to gain more followers, is to follow other people first. A lot of people just follow the people who follow them, or just follow the accounts they want to and then never follow any new people who follow them. But I dont think that works, plus you dont engage well with you audience is you can follow them and like and comment on their posts.

Your best bet is to just start following account similar to yours and follow some brands you love, I literally follow every makeup and skincare brand im obsessed with. And by doing this I gained followers from the brands I followed, meaning I could then follow them back too. But also by following accounts similar to yours you can gain followers back from accounts who would also love to have more followers.

3. Likes and Comments:

Once you've followed accounts similar to yours, the engagement you give them would benefit you greatly. Liking a fair few of their pictures and giving them a couple of comments, will make it more likely for them to follow you back. Also commenting and liking brands posts, will be seen by the brands fans and could even make them very likely to follow you.

Hope you found this post somewhat helpful, Please comment down below how you Instagram experience is going. Also dont forget to follow my socials down below.

Buzz ❤

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